How can I copy contacts from the Pocket CRM app to the local phone address book?

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How can I copy contacts from Pocket CRM to my local device's address book?



To copy contacts from Pocket CRM to the local address book of your device follow the steps bellow: 
  1. Log in to Pocket CRM on your mobile device and tap on the Contact button. 

  2. Open the contact you want to copy from Pocket CRM to your mobile's address book and tap on the  Task button.

  3. Allow SuperOffice to access your contacts by tapping on Allow button.

  4. Tap on the Copy to contact list on your device option.

  5. Select Local device as a location where you want to save the contact. You can also copy it to any of other account, which you have configured on your device.

  6. When the contact is successfully copied to your local address book, you will receive a notification on the screen of your device. Click OK to finish.

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Video: How to copy contacts from Pocket CRM to the contact app on your phone

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